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Whitby Historical Society at Lynde House Museum

Whitby Historical Society is pleased to have been chosen by the Town of Whitby to operate the new Lynde House Museum & Visitor Centre.

Heartfelt thanks to an Anonymous Donor through the Durham Community Foundation.                   

Take a tour of Lynde House, hear beautiful stories. We welcome you to walk through rooms of yesteryear, full of mystery… Enjoy magical moments that inspire and delight ! 

Please support us as we create a new museum filled with interesting things, host exciting events and become a new tourism destination in Whitby, the Heart of Durham Region Ontario Canada.

For more please go to:  www.LyndeHouseMuseum.com

WHS Mission Statement: To preserve, showcase and share Whitby and area history, heritage and culture through the years. To encourage heritage tourism, education and programing with activities both actual and virtual. To manage Lynde House Museum and Visitor Centre as mandated by our contract with the Town of Whitby and to manage the care of artifacts belonging to the Town contained on the premises. Fostering an atmosphere of good will, cherishing ideas, people and life endeavors, we go forward preserving our past and present for the future.