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Kirstyn Allam, Executive Director 
and Museum Volunteer Teams Coordinator

We are pleased to introduce Kirstyn to you. She has been instrumental in getting Lynde House Museum opened. She has been working tirelessly since June 2015 on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Whitby Historical Society.

Kirstyn is working with teams of volunteers and interns currently at the museum to establish programing, create tour events and more.

Thank you for your support!

Monica Lawlor, Board Member
Membership & Volunteer Appreciation
Team Leader

Join a Volunteer Team  Email for a Volunteer Application Form or drop by the Visitor Centre. 

Fill out the volunteer Application form and hand it in at the Lynde House Museum Visitor Center or scan and email.

 Lynde House Museum is operated by the Whitby Historical Society at the request of the Town of Whitby. Join us and be part of a Volunteer Team

Our Volunteers are Amazing! Thank you all.

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