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Whitby Historical Society operates Lynde House Museum. We appreciate our volunteer Teams as without them we would not be able to do all the many things necessary to open and operate the Lynde House Museum & Visitor Centre.

All our volunteers are organized into Teams according to the work that needs to be done and the interests and skills of the volunteers involved. There is a team for everyone.  To become a volunteer, please fill out a form at the Visitor Centre or email and ask for a form.

Our Volunteers come from every walk of life, there is always something interesting to do where you can make a difference!

If you are a high school student looking for a place to contribute your volunteer hours that is worthwhile and exciting, please think of volunteering at Lynde House Museum & Visitor Centre. Why not start in grade 9 with a friend or two and volunteer as a team! Henry Street High School in Whitby is just a short walk away. Anderson Street High Scool is a little further as are others, but we welcome you too. We have even had volunteer students working on research work from their own home. Hours and results are logged. We have numerous projects coming up so apply by email, phone or come in to Lynde House Visitor Centre today.

WHS is an equal opportunity place to volunteer.